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Dutch funk band Organix wins 'Dutch Jazz 2022' Sublime Award

Organix is a new and fresh Dutch funk band centered around Hammond organist and singer Piero Bianculli (Altamura, Italy 1978). The band is joined by Thijmen Molema (drums), Jens Dreijer (bass) and Simone Cesarini (guitar). Laced with two decades of experience, these friends released their first album 'Make You Sweat' in October 2022 and now they've already won the 'Dutch Jazz 2022' Award by Sublime FM; the most famous radio station for jazz, funk and soul in the Netherlands.

Sublime is all about the music and positivity. Saxophonists Bart Wirtz and Rolf Delfos, who have their own Dutch Jazz program on the radio station, surprised the band when they were playing at Sven Figee's Marmalade Studios. Sven (one of the best Dutch Hammond players, Music Director and Producer) brought the band to his studio under false pretenses. The band was incredibly surprised and Piero Bianculli said he could even cry a little out of joy. Our advise: let those tears flow and let them form a river on which we can float with you guys to funky destinations!

"We are so proud to have won the Sublime award for best Dutch jazz Album of 2022. Sublime is THE radio station for our music and we all listen only to Sublime as much as we listen to our favorite playlist 'Funky Jazz, Blues & Soul' by The New Funky. The New Funky was our first big boost. We got a lot of attention thanks to their playlist! Now we are enjoying the exposure that the Sublime award is bringing us. We cannot wait to play our music around the world. We are very thankful to have such amazing platforms such as Sublime and The New Funky. Good music to you all..." - Piero Bianculli

Through the combination of vocals and Hammond, Organix is reminiscent of one of the most inspiring Hammond bands from the 60's; 'The Peddlers'. Their new album was produced by Sven Figee (a.k.a. Sven Hammond) who, after hearing a living room demo of the band, decided to bring the guys to his studio and record a full-fledged album called 'Make You Sweat'. Be sure to check it out and give these guys a follow on their socials as well!

Check out Sublime's Dutch Jazz playlist here:

Bart Wirtz and Rolf Delfos close the week every Sunday evening on Sublime FM with jazz music from Dutch soil. They show how richly jazz is represented in the Netherlands, how jazz rubs shoulders with other genres and what there is to experience in the Dutch nightlife circuit.

Another reason why you should check out Sublime FM

None other than renowned saxophone player Candy Dulfer has her own program on the radio station, called 'Candy's World' (every Friday night from 19:00 to 21:00). Candy's World is a journey of discovery in which Candy shares her personal tastes and experiences. She gives you a glimpse into her kitchen and surprises you with different musical perspectives and there is plenty of room for (new) talent and special guest musicians. Two funky and soulful hours with Candy Dulfer on Sublime's Funky Friday night... What more could you ask for?

Check out 'Organix' and A LOT of other funky artists in our 'Funky Jazz, Blues & Soul Playlist' (with over 71K followers) by clicking the image below:

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