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New single and dancevideo by Power to the Pipo: 'Soft G - Live during lockdown'

What do you get when the band Power to the Pipo has not been able to perform for a couple of months due to Covid and suddenly is invited to play a livestream show? A steamy and raw performance! This certainly held for the crowd pleasing closer 'Soft G'. Luckily the tape was rolling and now the band is proudly presenting 'Soft G - Live during lockdown'. Scroll down for video

In the past years, jazz-funk tornado Power to the Pipo has grown into a popular live act in the Netherlands. They played over a hundred shows and were occasionally joined by some of their musical heroes, such as Anton Goudsmit, Candy and Hans Dulfer and Eric Vloeimans. In September 2021 the band is releasing their brand new album 'SPETTERS'. Its singles 'Pufferfish' and 'Catwoman' were positively received and got national airplay at NPO Soul & Jazz. The album was supposed to be released already, but of course, the Vid caused for delay.

Luckily, the band's momentum wasn't halted in 2020, for instance, through playing several livestream shows. The first invitation came from Radio Macaroni in the band's beloved city of

Nijmegen. During that gig the band was at full throttle. Apparently there was a lot of lockdown-frustration and energy they - audibly - needed to release. They are really happy and thankful that the show was recorded. In order to make the waiting for the release of 'SPETTERS' a bit more bearable, Power to the Pipo is now releasing 'Soft G - Live during lockdown' as an unexpected 'bonus' single.

For this occasion, unofficial Power to the Pipo-chronicler Marieke Ruitenburg - responsible for the band's past three video clips - shot a short dance video. The video stars barely 11-year old breakdance talent B-boy Benjamin Mukadi shining at several landmarks of The Hague. The band knew that 'Soft G' is pretty danceable, but Benjamin is taking the track higher than it's ever been. So put on your headphones, spin the track, and who knows, perhaps you find yourself making backflips at a train platform as well.

Power to the Pipo is launching their album 'SPETTERS' on 30 September at Merleyn, Nijmegen. Buy your tickets here:


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