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New album by Caleb Hawley: Preshow Music

Caleb Hawley is a a singer, songwriter, and producer serving up soulful melodies and often satirical lyrics, creating a sound and songs that can be both light-hearted and heart-wrenching. With over a thousand live performances under his belt, Caleb's music is elevated by his out-of-the-box shows and natural charisma. This month he dropped his sixth studio album, Preshow Music, and it sure is funky! He told us about his new album and how he came up with the name.

"When I started working on my sixth studio album, Preshow Music, I decided to take a different approach than usual. Instead of focusing on individual songs, my goal was to create a cohesive experience centered around a specific mood. Before I even began writing, I mapped out forms and tempos from songs I love, which forced me to stay from my natural inclinations.
It was fun to shift from writing individual tracks to crafting a larger musical landscape. As I worked on the album, I tried to draw inspiration from the pre-show music that I’ve often loved as a concert-goer. It’s often feel-good, get hyped and happy kinda stuff. That’s how I came up with the name.
When all said and done, I didn’t fully accomplish what I’d set out to do. Preshow Music became more of a hybrid of individual songs and overarching vibe. Regardless, it’s an album that I’m incredibly proud of, and I hope that listeners will dig it too." - Caleb Hawley

Check out Caleb Hawley's new album here:

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