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New album by FATCAT (DE): More Sugar

Funk-that means movement, pulsating life, human friction and everyday heat translated into music without much filtering. The immediate, sweat-soaked contact between artists and audience is the essential lifeblood of funk. In times such as the past few years when, for good reason, social interaction had to be reduced to an absolute minimum, a funk band like Freiburg’s FATCAT can barely survive. All the more understandable, then, the infectious lust for life with which FATCAT blast their way back onto the music scene with their new album "More Sugar".

These days, when even a trio is considered to be an artistic risk and when most musicians prefer play it safe by fiddling around at home on private audio work stations, FATCAT dares to break cover with no less than eight members. Their consolidated power kicks right off with the opening track "2 Sexy" as singer Kenny Joyner’s charismatic voice rips back the curtains, the guitarist scratches across the strings as if they were turntables, the bass booms, the drums push, and the compact horn section revels in a timeless sound that would make the Brecker Brothers proud. Pure funk, as if lockdown never happened. Anyone who expects that thisopener was the calm before the storm will have to think again: one up-tempo number follows hot on the heels of the other. Not only has the band an unmatchable drive but they shine with tremendous playing power and the joyful spinning of yarns. Only after the fourth track does the sensitive ballad “Broken Place” provide a short breather, then the band jumps back in with the power of a musical steam engine. - jazzhaus records

"The process of creating More Sugar in the studio was so inspiring. Now we are looking forward to performing it live on stage. We really appreciate how The New Funky platform supports musicians. We are honored to be part of this tastefully curated playlist." - Kenny Joyner

Check out FATCAT's new album "More Sugar" here:

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