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New and funky: Philip Lassiter - Simmer Down (official music video)

11x GRAMMY award-winning arranger/trumpeter Philip Lassiter makes his Color Red debut with “Simmer Down,” featuring a vivacious 24-piece ensemble. Recorded live with 8 horns and a 6-piece vocal ensemble, Lassiter’s acclaimed arranging prowess is showcased with all players in the room recording simultaneously. The track exudes playful interplay between the horns and vocals over a groove that cross-pollinates funk and Latin influences with ear-twisting jazz harmonies and piercing guitar leads.

Written in tandem with longtime collaborator Brett Nolan, “Simmer Down” is a self-empowerment anthem for staying true to yourself and resisting the urge to be confined into a proverbial box whether it is creating music or walking your own path in life. “Simmer Down” is a direct reflection of Lassiter’s professional path that includes arranging and leading an 11-piece horn section for Prince that performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival, Essence Festival, North Sea Jazz Curacao, United Center Chicago, Arsenio Hall Show, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and more. The release comes off the heels of his prior live album "Live In Love" which featured David Paiche (Toto), MonoNeon, Durand Bernarr, members of Snarky Puppy, Ghost-Note, & 22x Latin GRAMMY. winner Juan Luis Guerra. - Color Red

Produced by Philip Lassiter

Written by Philip Lassiter & Brett Nolan

Credits: Philip Lassiter - Vocals, Synthesizer, Trumpet Sherefa Yorks - Vocals Josje Rojer - Vocals Reinaldo Donoso - Bass Trombone Niek De Bruijn - Drums Glenn Gaddum - Bass Tim Banchet - Acoustic Piano Jordy Kalfsvel - Synthesizer Valentijn Bannier - Guitar Richie Reichgelt - Guitar Efe Erdem - Trombone Yannick Van Ter Beek - Percussion Instruments Martin Verdonk - Percussion Instruments Jesse Schilderink - Tenor Saxophone Rik Mol - Trumpet Alvaro Jimenez - Trumpet Floris Vandervlugt - Alto Saxophone Josje Rojer, Sherefa Yorks, Camilo Rodriguez, Debrah Jade, Sarina Voom, Kris Rietveld - Choir Tracking Engineer - Felix Tournier Mixing Engineer - Ian Kimmel Mastering Engineer - Alexander Wright

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