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New and funky: Lucas de Mulder with The New Mastersounds

Lucas de Mulder stirs up all the correct ingredients of a deep funk song with a powerful guitar riff and lively beat in “Say Goodbye.” Inspired by iconic albums like Grant Green’s ‘Live at Club Mozambique’ and The New Mastersounds’ ‘Live in San Francisco,’ the vibrant tune mirrors that same energy on both the dance floor and in the studio!

With guidance from Eddie Roberts after the two guitarists met while Matador! Soul Sounds was touring in Spain, “Say Goodbye” was honed in the studio as Roberts help craft a complementary bass line to support de Mulder’s original riff. This is the third single off of a full-length album ‘Feel the Spirit’ produced by Eddie Roberts for an early 2021 release on Color Red.

I remember I was looking for a powerful guitar riff to ride and dance into the beat. It helped me a lot to listen to the "Live in San Francisco" album by The New Mastersounds. Songs like Carrot Juice, Idris or Fast Man inspired me a lot to find what I was looking for. It also helped me a lot to listen to "Live at Club Mozanbique" by Grant Green. That record is amazing! - Lucas de Mulder

Credits: Lucas de Mulder - Guitar | Simon Allen - Drums | Nate Edgar - Electric Bass | Joe Tatton - Electric Organ, Keyboard

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