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New and FUNKY: 'Say It By Its Name' (album) - Galaxy Walker

Galaxy Walker is an aspiring musician and founder of the funk and blues band

The Hoodstarz. E. J. Bockes was born in 1989 in Kallmünz (DE) and discovered his passion for music in his childhood. He was inspired by artists like Bob Marley, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Hendrix and other legends and decided early on to make music himself. His new album 'Say It By Its Name' just dropped and it sure is funky!

"After the breakup of my band "The Electric Panthers," I had resolved to make a name for myself that no one could take away from me. So I started working on "Say It By Its Name" and my stage name "Galaxy Walker" in early 2020. I had written down many ideas for the sound beforehand, because I actually wanted to write a new album for the Panthers. The only musician who changed from the Panthers to my new project "The Hoodstarz" was my old friend Jerome Charles (Hammond organ/Rhodes). After I recorded all the songs, I immediately started band rehearsals with the new musicians in 2022. Until the first big gig in Munich, the album was still solidifying, especially on the vocals I still had to improve many passages. Fine-tuning began in early 2023 and in July I did the mastering. It was very important to me to make an album where the mood stays good throughout the whole album and there is not a single song that you want to spin. I think I've achieved that so far, which wasn't easy with my self-criticism." - Galaxy Walker

Who the FUNK is Galaxy Walker?

With his former bands, The Early Grooves (2006), The Electric Panthers (2014), Johnson (Galaxy Walker) gained experience on stage in his younger years and established himself as a composer and songwriter. After some time of releasing mainly solo productions (2019 - 2023), he finally founded in 2022 The formation "The Hoodstarz", which are dedicated to authentic and handcrafted music. Galaxy Walker writes the songs and is responsible for the musical direction. Together with his bandmates Jerome Charles and the rest of The Hoodstarz, Galaxy Walker brings the passion and energy of funk and blues music to the stage and delights his audience with his groovy music and profound lyrics.

Galaxy Walker is a versatile musician who always has new ideas and is constantly developing. With The Hoodstarz he wants to revive the music of the 60s and 70s in a new way and present it in his own form. He likes to share his messages and philosophies with his audience and wants to help celebrate Safreedom and cohesion.

"I am very happy that in my time as a musician I keep meeting people who build something out of conviction. Mick, for example, who started building this great music blog here at one point.There's a groove in funk, and when you feel that, you feel good and driven, that's what connects us, that's why we bring it into the world. Thank you Mick and your very finely selected music in your playlists and your very interesting Blog." - Galaxy Walker

Check out Galaxy Walker's new album 'Say It By Its Name' on Spotify.

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