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New original instrumental funk by Family Company

A few months back Family Company scheduled an impromptu recording session at Revival at The Complex in LA, which was Earth Wind and Fire's old studio. The vibe of this magical room inspired them to write and record four original songs from partially baked ideas, all in one recording session. They then overdubbed horns and percussion, and boom...a funky instrumental EP was created that they are now releasing into the wild. - Be sure to pre-order your vinyl now for there are only four days left!

While the idea of Family Company is far bigger than any one individual or even cluster of individuals, the band’s inception was a result of the coming together of Josh Teitelbaum, Alex Kyhn, and Jason Goldstein.

Accompanied by a diverse cast of artists, Family Company celebrates the rich history of soul and blues music with additional inspiration from Americana, folk, funk, and roots traditions.

Having backed various artists as a rhythm section, along with putting on ambitious tribute shows to Bill Withers, Donny Hathaway, and most recently Ray Charles, Family Company strives to provide both foundational and creative elements to a wide range of musical situations, while bringing people together with the power of music.

New original instrumental EP “intersection” out NOW.

Credits "Intersection" EP:

Rhythm Section

  • Josh Teitelbaum - drums, percussion

  • Alex Kyhn - bass

  • Jason Goldstein - piano, organ, rhodes

  • Joshua Ray Gooch - guitar

  • Carey Frank - organ, piano


  • Alekos Syropoulos - tenor sax

  • Corbin Jones - bari sax, trombone

  • Jake Kenowitz - trumpet, trombone

  • Jesse McGinty - tenor sax, trombone, trumpet, bari sax

Recorded and Mixed by Brian Starley - Bergatron Music

Mastered by Nick Townsend - Townsend Mastering

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