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New release: 'This Too Shall Pass' by Nine Sparks Riots (SE)

Nine Sparks Riots is the musical vessel of Swedish trombonist, composer & arranger Kristian Persson. His music consists of some of Sweden’s most colorful musicians and together they form a sparkling electro-acoustic unit. Welcome to a world surrounded by funky riffs, sublime harmony, dazzling melodies and dirty beats! 'This Too Shall Pass' is a virtuosic and funky collaboration with the Swedish horn section ‘Avatar Horns’.

In 2008 Kristian founded the funky sextet Neighbourhood and composed all the music for their two records 'Maybe Tomorrow' (2010) & 'The Enchanter' (2012). In 2012 he formed Kristian Persson Elements and in 2014 they released 'Let It Go'. In 2015 he put together Apocalyptic Brass Collective, a brass band featuring some of the finest horn players in Europe. Since then, they've done collaborations with Swedish artists such as Linnea Henriksson, Cleo, Daniela Rathana, Janice and Melo amongst others.

Kristian has worked with artists such as Allen Stone, Miike Snow, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Hubert Laws, Genevieve Artadi (one half of Knower), Nikki Ross (former solo vocalist with Kirk Franklin). He's also a member of the Latin Grammy nominated salsa band Calle Real and he has toured in Europe, Asia, Latin America, USA, Africa & The Middle East. Ever since the pandemic he has worked non-stop in the studio and during 2020 he has released music with Apocalyptic Brass Collective, MASAKA and Graciela Chin A Loi. His 3rd release of the year,

The new single is inspired by the old Persian adage “This Too Shall Pass”, reflecting on the temporary nature of life.

“Since everything is temporary, we should aim to stay mindful in the present moment, to enjoy the good times and stay resilient through the hard times. This is my musical interpretation of these words, performed by the dextrous Avatar Horns’.”

It’s Kristian’s hope that this track can enhance a positive flow, as well as bring empowerment in order to get out a negative one. Go and check it out for yourself!

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