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Pre-order now: 'Raw in Amsterdam' by Philip Lassiter (vinyl)

Philip Lassiter's new live album 'Raw in Amsterdam' is now available for pre-order! The album was recorded live with a 13-piece ensemble with special guests Durand Bernarr and Candy Dulfer and is set to drop June 30 on Color Red. This is a very limited edition record and Philip's first live recording ever, so order now to guarantee your copy!

"The idea behind raw in Amsterdam is that it would take my new band based in the Netherlands and do a live video recording to show people what we look and sound like on stage. We recorded 12 songs in only six hours. It’s full of action packed funk jazz and soul featuring a 13 piece band. The album is set to drop June 30. We have already released two singles. ' 'Purple', which is a tribute to Prince featuring Candy Dulfer and 'Bump The Man' featuring Durand Bernarr. The next single is scheduled to drop in May is a live recording of “Repent” from the Live In Love album. This will feature Durand and Candy together." - Philip Lassiter


Check out 'Purple' and 'Bump The Man' and a lot more funky stuff in our 'Funky Jazz, Blues & Soul' playlist:

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