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The Rosenbergs: Masters of Swing

Want to feel like you're on a sunny terrace in the south of France with a glass of wine that never gets empty? Give our Gypsy Swing playlist a spin and enjoy the best of the new generation of Gypsy Jazz musicians! We had to put our Dutch friends The Rosenbergs on the cover and not only because they look like they are the perfect cover models; these guys (Mozes Rosenberg, Johnny Rosenberg and Sani van Mullem) belong to the absolute top in the world of Gypsy Jazz!

The Rosenbergs impress from the first note onwards with virtuoso, razor-sharp and grooving “Jazz Manouche”. They display an almost careless breath taking virtuoso. Rousing solos, a flawlessly swinging rhythm guitar, surprising solo bass parts and a telepathic interplay characterize this amazing trio. The vocal contribution of crooner Johnny Rosenberg is matchless. The Rosenbergs are an ever-inspiring trio, swinging non-stop with surprising breaks, synchronous lines and teasingly humorous ideas that make every performance a treat. - Sinti Music

Check out Stevie Wonder's 'I Wish' by The Rosenbergs at Jazz in Marciac:

Check out our Gypsy Swing playlist here:

The Rosenbergs are: Mozes Rosenberg: lead guitar Johnny Rosenberg: rhythm guitar and vocals

Sani van Mullem: double bass

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