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Wash away the bitterness of 2020 with the #VibeCleanse challenge

Jon Batiste and Cory Wong were chatting last week and thought... the end of 2020 needs a

VIBE CLEANSE! They are having musicians contact their distanced friends in order to create something fun and simple to wash away the bitterness of this messed up year. Hit up your homies you haven't seen in a while and lift each other up with the #VibeCleanse challenge!

Los Angeles based guitarist, songwriter, and singer Jamey Arent - described by Guitar Player Magazine as "a stunning player straddling blues, jazz, and rock" - immediately knew who to call; Swatkins! "Swatty exudes optimism and joy with every note he plays. After all, his band is called the Positive Agenda. His love of music is infectious, and I’m so glad we could make this little jam together".

Swatkins is a multi-instrumentalist and a master of the talkbox, an old-school analog effect using his larynx to shape the sound of a keyboard synthesizer. He has been a full-time member of Allen Stone, Excellent Gentlemen and Juno What?!.

Check out their 1 minute #VibeCleanse challenge and encourage your distanced friend(s) to do the same!

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